ERL Foundation

The Egesa Ronald Leonard Foundation is a non-profit entity that is was established by Egesa Ronald Leonard to help vulnerable and under-privileged communities in Uganda. We focus on provision of education, clean water and decent housing to members of the Ugandan communities that are under-privileged, vulnerable, orphaned or widowed.

According a recent survey by the civil society, over 55% of the children attending school through the Uganda Government’s Universal Primary Education complete Primary school without the ability to do basic calculations nor comprehend a simple sentence in English language, yet it is the language of instruction in Ugandan schools. Most of these children who are in rural Uganda lack a conducive learning environment, often studying from ram-shackled structures or under trees.

When it rains, classes come to an abrupt end and children disperse. It is quite sickening because some of these children walk distances of 5-10 km to and from school. This gradually breeds frustration that results in a high school drop out rate.

The Egesa Ronald Leonard Foundation seeks to reverse these trends in rural Uganda by working with well-wishers and partners to raise resources to setup decent classrooms, provide educational/scholastic materials to these schools and children. We believe that investment in a good education is what will help to transform the country of Uganda.